The Cliteratti Club – a place for women, and men who can find it.

The Cliteratti Club was named one day in 2007 when I was out having a chitchat and drinks with some fellow women publicists/journalists. A lovely bloke who had joined us casually remarked, “Oh, look, it’s a meeting of the cliteratti.”

I set up a myspace group at that time, which was used to publicise events that I have worked on over the years. I had vague ideas about forming a powerful sisterhood that would help each other organize glittering parties, save the world and make buckets full of money –  all while looking fabulous and wearing high heels and lipstick.

Eventually one of the founding members of the club, Liz Pommer threw a party at her place and introduced many of the women who now form this group to each other.  We laughed, shared food and drink, many laughs and secrets, too.

And so the Cliteratti Club was born in physical form.  We immediately adopted Dorothy Parker as our patron saint and ratified a Constitution on the back of a napkin  at a subsequent meeting at Elsternwick eatery and vodka mecca ‘After The Tears.’ I hope I will be able to post this important founding document to this website one day as soon as Our Ms Pommer locates it.

Starting as a Sunday morning breakfast featuring (many)  Espresso Martinis and a way for a group of hard working, and interesting, interested women to meet and enjoy each others company, it soon grew into something much deeper.

A secret facebook page was set up by long standing Cliteratti Club member Lorna McLachlan and it quickly became our favourite and most  hilarious and rowdy social outlet when we couldn’t catch up in person.

Soon we were doing much more than swapping jokes and going to films and events together, we were sharing jobs and becoming involved with our fellow clubbers’ creative projects, social and business concerns.

Like all the best sororities, The Cliteratti Club looks after it’s own.  Occasionally when a someone is having a rough time, cash will be collected to assist with a high utility bill, or a benefit is organized to deal with a catastrophe.   For smaller every day dilemmas we meet and have a drink and a think about it.  And there is ever a ready ear for listening or a shoulder to lean on.

Here at the Cliteratti Club you will find a well connected, fun loving bunch of women.  We are a club with sense of justice and a sense of humour.  We are movers and shakers.  We are your friends, partners, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and lovers and we are empowered, smart, experienced and devastatingly charming.

We intend to make this website and our club a place of support and camaraderie and we will be hosting regular networking/social events for our members.

Welcome to the Cliteratti Club.  Please put your feet up and join us for a chat and a martini.


Karen Conrad
Editor, Cliteratti Club Founder & Member, est. 2007